Natural sometimes needs a helping hand

I have been trying new things on the beauty front. I have to admit to not having the strictest of routines, summed up by a previous flat mate. "what do you mean you don't moisturise?" Well i was 22 years old and that means you can forego removing your make up, catch up on sleep when you are 30+, not brush your hair (for the original morning after look) and think you look a-ok and good to go.  Hmmm, maybe glancing back she was right. Anyway I cant change then but now I can try my very own mission to stop the ageing process now. I have friends who are obsessed with the eye area. I mean OBSESSED. The amount of creams and under eye gels and shenanigans that are bought, tried and given away is insane. I have a thing about hands. You may look 25 years old, but the hands are something that will give you away. Please take note SJP and Madge (sorry), but its true. I found a few things I like, for instance, Molton Brown hand cream after the hand wash, but unless I forever pop into a wonderful place to wash my hands this is not an economical life saver of an answer. So I was pointed in the direction of Shea Alchemy. It ticks all the boxes - natural,reasonably priced and no hidden bits.

source: shea alchemy

Take a look at the site see if you can't find something you like. Marie Claire deemed it worth enough make the top 10 Beauty products this month....

if that is not enough then try another homegrown organic soap maker from Dorset. Enchanted Plants. I was lucky enough to go to the heart of the operation and meet Gemma who makes, packages orders, sells in the shop and creates new blends. It is intriguing to see all the behind the scenes magic.

source: enchantedplants

The delicious packaging, smells and time I get to myself to try all the products is just cause to go on a spending spree.

I maybe 10 (ish) years later than my old flat mate but as a wise old bird said: "its never too late...."

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