Nibbled feet are happy feet

It is THE new must do. Fish nibbling your feet. Yes you heard correctly, put your naked feet in a tank of hungry fish and let them feast. I was skeptical to say the least but having fought my way through the waiting photographers and into the Anesis Spa(my host for the evening), I saw the crowds and I developed a brave feeling of determination. I was going to get my feet eaten if it was the last thing I did!

There were a huge number of tanks, all with high snakeskin seats for you to relax on, and large tv screens to watch, I guess to keep your mind off whats is happening below. All were occupied and I placed my name down to get in line. Meanwhile at the back of the spa, my friends were having a manicure, courtesy of Opi. I was late and they had already done the feet thing. Our OPI manicurist was Antonia Giorgio, who we are told, is flown around the world by clients to make their nails beautiful, and it was fab to natter to her as we watched the unfolding events at the front of the spa.

Feeding frenzy. They cleaned up the cuticle beautifully - apparently.

As we were all chatting I was told a tank had become free, I rolled up my my trousers, had my feet cleansed and in they went. Thank god there were no bubbles and lumps of flesh floating to the surface, although I have to say the feeling was incredibly strange to begin with, then as I relaxed, it felt more like bubbles blowing on my feet. The fish live to about 4/5 years and once they are in the tank - that's their home. I was told by my therapist that the fish saliva contains an enzyme called diathanol which is said to improve the skin regeneration process.

After about 15 mins out they came, surprisingly smooth and tingly, no stumps (phew!) A normal session is around 30mins. Another therapist said twice weekly sessions to begin with and then once a week would keep the dead skin at bay. I am not sure, however my feet were now happy feet and so I went in search of Antonia to work her magic on my other digits.

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