And in no particular order

I was going to do a top 1o moments for London fashion week but did not want NYC or Milan to feel left out. So I shall do NY and Milan together as one. I shall keep tabs on Paris and compile one from there too, ne fret pas, as I was once told. Right, NY and no particular order (sounds a bit like the X Factor/Strictly/Any reality results show?!) 1. Jil Sander technicolour dream

2. Birthday Boy Roberto Cavalli - more, more, more. Animal prints, celebs and skins/tans in overdrive. Uncle Bob Happy Anniversary !

3. Alexander Wang's painted hair models. Dulux watch out for a surge in sales

4. Stripes - everywhere. I LOVE a good stripe.

5. Marc Jacobs floppy hats and glam retro 7o's lady

6. Sergio Rossi - salivating shoe-a-holics in London dying to be in Milan

7. Summer sheer - relaxed

8. Golden Gucci Girl - red lips, red nails and killer heels

9. Bed/beach/bunched up hair - suits me well. My hair is not compliant to sleekness

10. Bananas - that's all I need say - you know who you are!

Please let me know your highlights. Good or bad, it is always good to hear your thoughts.

opening image source: cultbeauty