Sporting Life Part II

All my words were used up for the planning, as were the demons. The actual day of shooting went very well. All four boys arrived, in time, at the station, the sun was shining – hard, so sunscreen at the ready, and not to be difficult but ideally it would have been overcast and damp, much like the present weather, but it worked out. The boys were great. In fact they took to the theme very well, perhaps too well. Give them a ball to play with and they forget they are at work. Pete, Jake and Emmanuel were the keenest players, whilst Laurie, I am guessing was more of a creative soul at school.

Sporting Life Background

The Paul Smith oversized hoodies were a hit and the running joke of the day was who could hide theirs with out me noticing …ahh youngsters.

Sporting Life Background

As you can see from my shots of the day and a few of the rough negs, it worked well, but there are always things you wish you could change when you see the shots afterwards. As a photographer once told me, the day you are 100% happy with your shoot, is the day you should retire.

So if you see a black and white retro football story whilst you are flicking through a magazine, just have a look at the credits and see if you can recognise any of the names!

Sporting Life Sporting  Life

photographer: Craig Fordham