Magical Mystery tour

The call came through that my car was outside. Obediently I trotted off to find my driver and start my mystery tour. All I knew was that I was going to visit Penelope Chilvers, the shoe designer, in her studio at noon.

As I sat back and watched the world go by, I wondered what it was going to be like. I began to get excited, because you may know I have a slight obsession with shoes and at the moment my current favourites are the Cubanas from the PC SS11 range. They literally do not come off my feet, and today was no exception.

The studio was filled with the collections, boxes for dispatch, and leather swatches for the next collections. Typically I made a bee line for the top secret pile and was about to start snapping pictures...but sadly I can't give the game away. Safe to say that I shall be desiring more from the next collection.

I learned many facts:all of the shoes are hand made in England, have traditional roots incorporated into the designs and that my Cubanas are based on a flamenco dancers shoe, which may explain why I feel the need to trot ever so slightly whilst wearing them. (I do feel like Quentin Blake's Willy Wonka - magical) I am thrilled as my AW pair are to be sapphire velvet, how luxurious, thank you very very much Penelope.