People who unintentionally inspire, for me, are true icons

Charlotte Gainsbourg is iconic. Her parents saw to that before she even uttered her first words or indeed sang her first lyrics. She has a natural style, which is emulated by many. It is a laid back chic that only the French can do. I loathe the phrase Rock Chick but to me she is the ultimate. Not the try hard figures that can be seen a dozen times over with the now identikit Ramones t shirt and compulsory weathered jeans and heavy jewellery, but someone who wears what they have sourced and genuinely love. Well fitting jacket over a beloved top picked up perhaps for nothing at a charity stall, or from a new designer in favourite undiscovered boutique. Nothing is bought to match, its worn as thrown together, and it works. There are those that have it and those that want it. Taking Charlotte as our inspiration, Craig has scoured the streets in London and with the kind management of a little known studio, we are shooting in one of the most famous studios in a back street of the west end. The history here is incredible, so much so that as I wait with my ever-stuffed suitcases of clothes on the morning of the shoot, a tour party come rambling past. Yawning (it is 8.30am) and looking a little disbelievingly at the Hawiian shirt clad guide, they wander past down the alley on to the tattoo parlour.

Lizzy Court is working with us on Hair and Makeup. She has been in the business a long time and has worked with both Craig and I many a time. This story is just so Lizzy. After she has kholed Abi’s eyes, it is all beginning to slot together. The clothes are not meant to be over styled in fact I should take a back seat and probably have Abi choose what clothes and how she wants to wear it, but I am unable to give up the control that easily. I think Craig and I struck a happy compromise.