It was said that Chinese Emperors used emeralds in the lenses for their glasses, so the eyes would give nothing away. Polaroid lenses have developed significantly in the same way, mainly for the sunglasses range. You can see out but no one can see in...75 years of design and research have now come together for a new collection.

Showcasing the earlier frames and the original collections, one can trace the growth of the work, from Talented Mr Ripley 20's through to the rave 80's.

Original from the archive, each different

As you can see the packaging is beautiful and Sarah models a classic style. These were in the gift bags of the VIP's at this years Brit awards so watch out for them this summer as the performers get papped leaving various places.

Brit style

I took mine to the mountains, and they are fab. Although not a sports style they kept a chic look on the slopes. Polaroid are a great alternative to the other major brands that have so long dominated the market and not as expensive as you may think. They are definitely worth a look, in store and online.

As the sunshine starts to creep into March, it is always better to be prepared.