Press day trails begin....

The trail of breadcrumbs leads to the treasures, so they say, and they did today. The rumbles of my tummy took to the Savoy this morning to view a new brand SHOP at the Savoy. A fabulous new idea (more later) explained to me by MD Simon and Sarah over a delicious coffee and beautiful, exotic fruit.

After a meeting or two it was off to Lulu Guinness to view the new bags of the season. The leathers are so supple and the quilting in the shapes of lips which all add to the fun of the bag. On display was the delicate jewelled fan shaped clutch as worn by Helena Bonham Carter at the Oscars this year. Lulu was also there to talk through the collection and answer any question we could have had.

The Bag of the Season, The Bow bag - the version above studded.

The Clutch HBC wore at the Oscars this year.

Lunch time was beckoning and I have to say I had immaculate timing, even if my sense of direction was awful. Somehow I managed to come into the venue the back way and enter, not via the smart entrance with all the new branding, flowers and Ipad clad greeters but through the record shop and straight into the Modus Cafe at the rear. I did say my tummy can guide me when needed, and lunch was being served - bingo.

I have to say that I, like many others, spent far too long there due to the delicious food, copious amounts of fab collections and the fact it was miserable outside in the rain.

The delicious food from Field to Fork

I was just delighted it was not on next week when there are 30 or venues to visit in one day so I could enjoy it and catch up with the lovely team. Next week I may have to be more 'Fashion' and not take any food through these days, just water, otherwise I may burst.

Liquid Diet next week!

Some of my most favourite jewellery from Mawi below and in the opening image