Primark Preview

Years ago I found gems in these small shops, unknown and dotted about. Those that know me are highly familiar with my "Marc Jacobs flower top" finished with details of accordion pleating at the shoulder and as such it really did not look like a piece that cost under £10. The the label went and exploded and I think the quality suffered in doing so. Then the enormous, if not over whelming Oxford Street branch launched and every teenagers dream was right there, ready to give up to the minute trends that were within budget seven days a week.

Last week I went, with my sister who is an avid fan, to the new Aw11 Primark preview. It was the first press day for Primark and I was some what surprised as I thought the turn around of stock and designs would simply be too big to consider this. The surprises continued as we went around the collections.

The thought and detail has come back and with it a sense of expense. My sister was so impressed she had to ask if the prices would still be as competitive* (Fiona speak for cheeeep). View the campaign video here.

The winter colours of clarets with mustard and emerald are fab, the color block dresses are elegant and we spied a leather number which will be hanging in one or other of our wardrobes soon.

The accessories, including the shoes are also worth looking out for, coloured brogues, little over the shoulder purses and the over sized felt hats were among my favourites.


We perused the rails sipping incredible cocktails and being fed delicious canapes from Charlie food, and I have to say rather taken with the new pieces.

However you call it Primarni, Primada the high street label is climbing the ranks of fashion, and you won't have to use code when people ask where your top/bag/dress is from.

** please excuse the quality of my pictures - underground and on an IPhone