Rainbows Rock

A pot of gold is what you are supposed to find at the end of the rainbow. Here we found Marc Jacobs and his collection. He has obviously struck a chord with the Fashion audience. The reviews have come in thick and fast  - all glowing, as the pot of gold in the story as always has done. “As dreamy and serene as any Jacobs show in recent memory—and how typical of him to intuit that the world is craving serenity right now—the show played like a nostalgia trip, one so lovely it was quite easy to be seduced.” From Nicole Phelps at Style.com

“Another amazing collection by Marc, very commercial, very wearable, very romantic! Love that Marc was part of the ’spectacle’ even though the set design was minimalistic; his contribution added the perfect necessary touch!” said Rebecca Alexander, Editor of Fashionably Independent

Having in previous seasons become a master of the crazy – perhaps exploring the extremes, he has exposed the essential. A show of the collection, on time, no fuss, no front row spectacle and this is clearly ticking boxes with all concerned. The retailers will also no doubt be pleased, a very salable group of pieces, which is no bad thing.

Personally, all things colourful and fantastical as reference such as The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Yellow Submarine, cant help entice me before we have even begun. the week here is nearly over, but it is only the start of the marathon. However, if there is more of this class to come from Marc in his next two shows, it will be be worth waiting for.

Looks 13 and 51

source: style photographer: Marcia Madeira / Firstview.com