Ralph Lauren 4d Online launch

Some things are just impressive, and this is one of them. The amount of people that braved the cold tonight to watch the simultaneous screenings in London's New Bond Street and NYC Madison Ave store of the 4d online launch from Ralph Lauren, was quite something.

I was fortunate enough to be inside browsing (as much as you can when it's so busy) the four floors of beautiful. As I had tweeted earlier, beautiful building, filled with beautiful people. I have video footage - not professional as you may see, but there will be chances to view the screening properly from here.

These are my stills from the show:

I was a litte too close, never usually a problem, but as you can see it hampered my filming somewhat. The Ralph Lauren lights dissolved into fragrance and petals that showered down. Astounding.

My full feature article is on PapierDoll, to be publish tomorrow. Click here