RDP is coming

Spoilt. Mr Rodney Dave Pink was spoilt yesterday and he wasn't even there. Trace Publicity held a doggie afternoon, which involved pup cakes, dog training, advice on food, toys and bespoke collar making. Brian was hosting in a regal way as he mainly preferred to keep to his bed and occasionally  pop in to see how things were going and make sure there was no arguments between the dogs.

Blimey, it's a whole new world. Molly Bakes gave me a fab cake of Rodney, it seems a shame to eat it, I was thinking to varnish it as a keep sake. Liberty London Girl was present with Rosie, who devoured the toys and made her own little area, complete with bed, to have a wonderfully relaxed chew.

Morag and Slim went down to see Louise, the wonderful dog trainer, and came out with a good report. Morag had her worries but Slim is a cutie and they came out unscathed! Although RDP wasn't with me (he arrives on Friday) I didn't feel that silly being there with no pup, just very thankful that I have had such good advice from all these experts.

Now it's back to puppy proofing the house...