Rivers and Rainbows

There is a maze in Trafalgar Square, I had to investigate. The queue to get in was a little foreboding, but queues are one of the things that the British do so well, just take a glance at the bus stops at Waterloo in the morning rush hour. My sister, Fiona, and I brave the weather (ominous) and stood in line waiting for the friendly door man to let us loose in the foliage. The hedges are two meters high, good but even better if you are a little person looking up. They must seem giant. Our friendly door man chatted away, informing us that they do check the maze at kicking out time just to make sure there is no one lost in there. However when asked for clues to get to the middle he was a little less helpful, but he did smile and laugh at all times. Rare in this town, in that profession.

Left or right - decisions decisions. In we went. It was rush hour in the maze, so many people coming back and forwards every time a dead end was chanced upon. There were snippets of information about a selection of different streets in London, regaling little known facts. Nuggets such as:

Chiltern Street is well known for its unusual gargoyles that look down at you from building facades, installed by artisan builders

It makes you want to go an visit all streets mentioned just to see if these things are true. Discussions and casual dropping of general knowledge into conversations can begin. Lets hope pub quiz has some questions on this lot!

The volume of people made it a little difficult to enjoy the maze properly and it was not that big. We enjoyed being big children again - even if we did encounter a couple or two being very grown up in the dead ends (!)

To end the evening a thunder storm and rainbows. A definite kick start for my mind into creative over drive.