I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream

As it poured with rain outside, it was hard to imagine ice cream being very appealing. The 7 am call time was not helping the Monday morning feeling either; however as we warmed up, had breakfast and sorted out the hair, make up and wardrobe everything became a little cheerier. Today we had three actors coming coming to film an advert for Cornetto. Gone is the serenading Gondolier, and instead we have the bear, showing the softer side. You will recognise the bigger version from ads showing now.

Carley Stenson was first into the makeup of Chloe Butcher after having a quick blast on the hair dryer to stave off the shivers from wet hair. What a lovely lady, and she loved my clothes, which is always a bonus. Many thanks to Florence B for the fabulous jewelery - loved by everyone, and to Topman for Ollies clothes, again the crew making their own shopping lists, men loving the fact it was all on a rail and ready - apparently the way to shop...

To watch Carly's main ad click here.

Next in were Ollie Barbieri and Kathryn Prescott, who both were in Skins so knew each other. (It must be daunting walking onto a set of about 15-20 strangers.) Both were so lovely and although it was a long day, long waits at times, oh the glamour, there were no complaints, just some random rock star poses:

The ads are showing on E4 over the summer, when hopefully the sun will be shining and encourage you to buy many an ice cream.

Behind the scenes

Ollies ad is here and Kathryn is here.

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