Stripes took the lead at Marc by Marc, pleating at Vera Wang and then texture at Michael Kors. Is anyone linking together? well yes, bucket hats at MK and Marc by Marc, punches of colour at Marc and MK, and then again at Vera. Tommy Hilfiger links to Vera in their anniversary. The world collides - if only by time line and for this it is extraordinary to see how a designer has fared. 20 years is not, in grand scheme thinking ie Chanel, Dior etc, a huge amount of time, but now in the present it is quite something to be producing season after season of salable garments. So for a review, Grazia's Kay Barron summerised as this:

"Here are the basics - waists are high, legs are even higher (get hot-pant ready ladies), jumpsuits aren't going anywhere, but now they are softer‬ and more wearable across the board. But Marc's number one trend is stripes. With everything. High-waisted circle skirts (which are still hitting the midi-length, by the way) worn with a simple blouse look younger rather than prim - especially worn with a wedge shoe. There was nothing new here, but there doesn't need to be. Marc by Marc isn't about trends, it's just about clothes girls want to wear."

source: photographer: Monica Feudi

This seems to be the key - not to follow trends but keep to what your customers know. T. Hilfiger Esq is still producing the brand basic of the preppy background, all be it with the twist here and there to lift the line but still knows what his client wants.

Below are pieces from the Vera Wang SS11 and if could i would order.

source: wwd photographer: george chinsee

Happy Anniversary to all those celebrating this year, may this collection and many more prosper.

opening image:  photographer: JP Yim/WireImage