Signature styles

Ruffles galore in the house of Valentino. As a signature style this can be over worked but they are determined to show that the line can produce a younger feel and still hang on to that heritage. Out came the dresses, worked in lace and leather with studded shoes, a signal if ever there was, that this brand is trying to encourage the younger market. There was the full-length gown of lace which for me was far too gothic compared to the other delicate tiered beaded lilac pieces that came round it. The show closed with the traditional red gown, ruffled (of course) and with the added layer of nude. Sara Mower summarized some young Editors in the room "Wow, I want to wear Valentino for the first time." Surely that is the sign of a good show, mission accomplished.


As much as there were ruffles on the runway for Valentino, there was beige from Chloe. And more beige and then some more, nothing else, not even a shot of something bright for lift. I realise camel has emerged as the signature colour for the elegant, tailored lady this winter but please. I have a little issue with this colour in general as it reminds me of school. I had the great pleasure of wearing fawn colour socks and variants on brown for 8 years of my childhood. It does not bear the best memory for those teenage times and I suppose seeing a sea of the colour swimming before my eyes was too much for me. Although the elegance was, of course there, not the gangly 13 year old, but still….. next season must try harder.

source: photographer: IMAXtree

From one extreme to another, Karl went to the end of the earth – literally – to put on a spectacular in Paris. Scandinavian ‘snice’ was craved, molded and sculpted to produce a backdrop of a glacier for the production at Chanel. There was an abundance of fur, all faux, covering just about everything. WWD commented, justifiably,....”at Chanel, eco doesn’t mean economy ”

Woven into the tweed suiting, covering boots, and trimmings coats. White makes everything fresh and the hints of ice blue in the angora knit wear were just delectable. It makes you want to skip summer and dive straight into winter, wrapped in one of the fabulous coats, angora dresses and trotting along in the fur boots. Bring on the freeze – this year we will be prepared.