Solange Azagury-Partridge

What would you do if you looked skywards and all you could see was sparkling crystals? Well to find the answer all you have to do is pay a visit to the Solange Azagury store on Bond Street. The new store has just this by Swarovski. As you glide down the stairs the basement room opens up to reveal a secret disco type showroom. The ceilings crystals are all black to match the sumptuous interior and the decadent jewellery on display. On opening night there was a lady who was photographing people and their auras, music was kicking out a 70’s disco vibe, and complete with the hippy crystals and auras, there was magical feeling.  Oh the fun we had. I did have to remember to actually view the collection, as there was a lot to keep you entertained. (Just to note my aura was mainly yellow, I give out a creative and positive feel to those around, I keep reminding myself of this, and others around me!)

Sadly I managed to leave my aura picture and its explanation in the back of my cab. However on reflection of the statement above this is probably a good thing

Amongst the guests were familiar fashion faces and celebrity spots, although I could ask, is this description one in the same? That is a whole other can of worms and best left to another time, however we eagled eyed enough to see Sir Paul Smith, Katie Grand and Thandie Newton mingling between us.

As we left the store we were adorned by flashing rings, which glittered all the way down Bond Street. Our very own little crystal display disappearing into the distance.

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