Sporting Life

Craig has had this idea for ages, so the pressure was on to perform to perfection. Although the story is mainly for our book but I have got it into my head that because the World Cup is just around the corner some savvy Editor (picture/commissioning/ any) will pick up on it and publish it. Sporting life Back scenes

Having been touring the recent press days I knew what I was looking for and became a very focused lady. The idea was for a retrospective on football, from the 20’s – 40’s ear, just after the war. Think the baggies, blazers and the heavy stitched leather football.

The search was on for the baggies, if these were not found then the whole thing was wrong. Eventually they were found from Toffs, but they would have to be made up as they were not in stock and we did not have the time – onwards. Dalston/Islington boarders and the Costume Studio came up trumps.

Having swooped into Hackett and taken most of the A/W collection, under the gaze of Mr Hackett himself who was organising the ad campaign, I began to relax, slightly. It always feels good when you start to actually have the pieces in front of you rather than in your head. (I had some amazing pieces).

Sporting life Sporting life Sporting life

photographer: Craig Fordham

Location shoots are never easy, and add to that four models, lack of budget and you have yourself a recipe for stress. Having done a fab casting at Premier earlier in the week, our boys were falling like flies because of other jobs and injury (breaking feet), then the caretaker for the loaction was deciding not to let us use the changing rooms. It was beginning to look all very uncertain.  Craig pushed on and found us some other lads who were available, and also found another site with the most helpful grounds man in the world, a real gem.

As I gathered my wares from various Pr’s, I was still unable to find the elusive jumpers I needed. It was beginning to trouble me greatly. I was told of a label called Albam, which I knew vaguely but had never been in touch with the Pr. Calling I spoke to Kate, who was in the middle of a press day. Oh dear. I went to see her and after explaining the project and actually meeting James from the brand, came back after hours to strip the mannequin of his beautiful knitwear.

Thank you Kate and James – you made our day.