Going nowhere

Moving from Spring into the Winter shows there are some continuing trends which are standing out to me at this early stage. Rolling through to the end of the year, and so making our impulse buys not quite so frivolous as first imagined...forward thinking, ahead of the game, lucky, call it what you will. 70's is going silhouettes are strong, flared trousers, floppy hats and such. Colour blocks are still in play, and tailoring, specifically the jacket is going no where, except perhaps layered under another one.

Tracy Reese                                                              Tommy Hilfiger

source: wwd .......................................................source: wwd

photographer: george chinsee                              photographer: thomas iannaccone

Pleating is still billowing down the runway - a tricky little trend unless you are ridiculously tall and willow like - but still DKNY made it fun with colour shots too.

source: wwd photographer: john aquino

Flame coloured metallics strode down the Marc by Marc runway. Burnt oranges tied up with golds and tones of brown. Syrupy, gooey, nostalgic yet Christmassy - all at once. Lovely.

source: wwd photographer: john anquino

The intricacy of lace was displayed colourfully in the Marc Jacobs mainline and also in the beautiful victorian inspired collection at Marchesa. Seeping with history and femininity, I don't supposed this fabric will be far away, even if not in the top 8 of every season.

source: wwd photographer: john aquino

source:wwd photographer: george chinsee