Stopping to reflect

Monday was a day packed full. The Fashion week cars ferrying the Editors around town to show destinations were struggling with traffic and late start times to get to everything. Giles is back in town and expectations were high on what was going to come our way, but before him late in the day there were shows to come from Peter Pilotto, Mark Fast, Erdem, Nicole Farhi and Paul Smith to name a few. Mixed into all of that there was the memorial to Alexander McQueen at St Paul's Cathedral. Before I launch into the shows, let me venture to the ceremony. As you may know this was attended by the top flight of fashion to pay their respects at a time of year when Lee McQueen and his creativity is so obviously missed. The attendees were visibly somber and although the fashions were flamboyant in dress the mood of sadness was evident.

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Watch the here the arrival of various guests.

Bjork sang a haunting rendition of Gloomy Sunday, dressed in angel wings. The full to bursting Cathedral sang Jerusalem, I Vow to Thee My Country and Amazing Grace. I cannot claim to have known him except through his work. I am not sure i can "report" appropriately  and feel it better for the event attended so well by friends, collegues and family to be read through people who were there, for example in full here from the Independent.


Please rest in peace and know - as Hilary Alexander said - : ...not a day goes by on planet Fashion that someone does not think of Lee McQueen.... His influence was so huge.

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