Technicolour Romantics

There is a definite trend of the romantic happening in Milan. Ferretti first, then various others including Antonio Marras. Get ready to look your best in softly printed fabrics with free flowing hair and dew drop skin - think Timotei advert c.1984. or alternatively ramp up the raw animal sex appeal with a properly Italian version from Blumarine and Pucci.

source: thefashionspot photographer:Elizabeth Pantaleo/

Other trends have been floral and literal. D&G actually lining the runway with flowers and the girls coming out with garden tools as props. Tongue in cheek if ever there was, going from ski bunny (A/W) to cutsey Disney referenced  t-shirts and bloomers. Fun in fashion.....Feeling 70's with the tied head gear here led nicely to the other shows which are lending themselves back to the decade of the moment.

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Miuccia Prada is constantly referred to the trendsetter of designers, so forward thinking you can sometimes get left behind. I was as surprised as the next person when her show went carnival. Colours were impacting as were the simple silhouettes and not forgetting the sombreros and the bananas....

source: papierblog

The latest show to get everyone talking is Jil Sander. The reviews coming in so positive for the vibrant display of colour and you can see why.

Below is the link from Lucy Yeomans, editor of HarperBazaar UK, of the finale:

Jil Sander - as she says sit back and be entranced.

Personally a joy to see, and as the WWD suggests: "His fantastic spring collection for Jil Sander opened with five variations on the aforementioned look that combined a simple shape with an explosive color — magenta, purple, emerald green — and struck like a bolt of lightning. It provided the premise for the entire show."

source:wwd photographer: davide maestri