Temperley SS12

The British Museum is a grand venue, more so in the evening as you walk up to the sweeping stairs by lamp light. The vaulted ceilings and vast floor always reminds me of an elegant ballroom. Seated around the floor area we craned necks to see what was causing so much of a frenzy opposite. That would be a Middleton sister, not the Royal one, front row.

As the girls came out, the feeling of decedent film star settled. Turban like head dresses were swathed around glossy manes and the statement gold jewellery and sunglasses of Lara Bohinc planted firmly on the ears, wrists and necks of the girls.

Of course there are the beaded gowns, for which Temperley is known, but these aside I loved the tropical print, draping, silk gowns and high waisted trousers. The lace all in one is remarkable but for a model only....

image source: lauralarue