Theatrics - let the shows begin

It must be difficult to have so many collections to design and not let them bleed into each other. On some level this season John Galliano was merging the House of Dior with his own label. Known for his beautiful slips of silk and their variations, he took this and layered them under all manner of riding dress – or not. Many a tulle and chiffon dresses came trotting down the runway, taking up the equestrian theme from his previous Couture collection. They were exquisite in their design and execution but there were a lot of them, too many for one show, however when they are paired with the chunky knits and the leather and suede riding coats you cant help but forget that and keep lusting. Dior A/w 2010 show Paris March


Being Galliano, there is always a frisson of sexual tension intended. The stockings, sheer fabrics and thigh high boots mixed with mask of the tweed waistcoats and capes hint at a little naughtiness going on in the stable.

Dior A/w 2010 show Paris March


This along with the incredible hats, hair and makeup lend to the theatre of the collection, and it is these elements that can definitely be borrowed from the Galliano house, in my opinion, as not many can better him when producing a show like this.

Theatrics are never lacking at the Westwood shows, if anyone can dress for a party it is Dame Vivienne, or should that be for the after party. Hayley Freeman was very close with her description:

“…smeared red lipstick with heavy black eye shadow—it felt like one had stumbled upon a massive rave in an aristocratic country house, just when the acid was hitting.”

Westwood Paris show March 2010

source: photographer: Marcio Madeira /

Westwood never really alters a great deal. Mix match of prints and fabrics, all cleverly constructed for the disheveled look. It is incredible how much work goes in to the unkempt outfit. As you can gather from the consistent mentioning of print mixes that she is now bang on trend so I am sure this collection will gain new fans.