Thou shalt not covet ..... couture

Hmmm well I shan’t say I won’t because I can’t. End of discussion. From the first shows this season my imagination has been captivated. John Galliano continues to inspire me. The breath-taking array of colour danced before my eyes as I viewed the collection over and over again. Each time I saw different thing and my eyes were spellbound by the beautiful creations in front of me. I love colour, not to say black and white is not liked but something about punchy colour makes me want to paint. Galliano’s theme for this show was nature, notably florals and he took this by the scruff of the neck and had fun. Tucking and nipping – exploring and executing the magical quality of cut and stitching in the pieces he showed. A difficult opener to beat or even comes close to and in my head a thoroughly deserved place on the pedestal.

source: photographer: Monica Feudi /

In stark colour contrast at the House of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld had used a minimal palette, albeit a wonderful tone showing discretion and restraint. Well as much as he can. The girls coming forward from a giant pearl/orb in the paw of an enormous lion….try re creating that for your sashay down the isle!

Chanel Couture A/W10

Sometimes I would like to pay a small visit inside the heads of these incredible creators. Just for a day and to take notes as to their thinking.

Givenchy proved a presentation of delicacy, with and extremely neutral show of intricate works. Each delightfully detailed exit was shown in close proximity and making you justify that this was an exceptionally worthwhile reason to be paying the fortune asked for each of the pieces shown this week.

Note: My birthday falls the week of the Autumn/Winter Couture Collections – perhaps one day, maybe just maybe i will wake up to a most delicious gift all wrapped in vast amounts of crisp tissue and ribbons with a label allowing me to delve inside but for now - I shall covet couture.