Through the eyes of CGOR

The world through the eyes of a teenager is always interesting. Our Godson came to visit my sister (Fiona) and me. Being 15 years old, how can you entertain? The easy option of going to a bar is ruled out. I quite enjoyed the challenge and Fiona is very good at sniffing out the eccentric things to do. So firstly I suggested roaming the British Library. Odd choice you may think, but Fiona works close by and we had time to kill. As it turns out it was a good choice. Charlie loves books; sports based mainly, and found the fact you can bring in your laptop and work away in a peaceful environment quite exciting. There was a lot to engage the brain, the sculptures by Antony Gormley in the gardens, the Chopin exhibit and the floors generally. Inspiring. I was quietly pleased my geeky idea had not been flop.

Chopin exhibit at the British Library

We then walked from Kings Cross to Soho, through Bloomsbury and took up residence outside Bar Italia on Frith Street to watch the world for a while. London really is a vibrant city with so much to do and see, so often we all walk in such a rush and with no time to appreciate what is around us. Charlie asks the most obvious, yet intriguing questions, as young people always do. I wish I had been more inquisitive – perhaps I was. The bikers testing out each others motorbikes, the tourist wandering aimlessly about, a restaurant owner double parking and off loading his cargo of olive oil, napkins and bottles of wine.

Bodeans was the next on the list. Ribs and slaw, not ideal for the vegetarian contingent but it had been promised. Watching ice hockey and getting a lesson from some homesick Americans at our table is was great fun. The things you can learn about ribs and hockey. Onwards we went to the main show of the evening, and having picked up Fiona’s housemate along the way, we ventured towards the Soho Theatre. What had Fiona planned?


Barry and Stuart, the magicians. I was a little dubious, I love my sister but her ideas can sometimes be, well, odd. These two are from Scotland and have had their show at the Edinburgh Festival. When this was mentioned I was inclined to ask about its content and gore factor. I am not good at that sort of thing. “ Oh no, it will be fine…” said she. Ladies and Gentlemen for our first trick – eye gouging… - I kid you not. The theatre is only about 8 rows deep. I got better and in the end really quite enjoyable – the things one does, and the age you feel (I sounded like my Mother) I had fun because Charlie enjoyed it – we were the cool Godmothers, but I did want a large glass of wine.  Tomorrow was another day.

Barry and Stuart

source: keswick comedy

Blog opener - source: magic magazine