My Top 10 of LFW

This is difficult because there were a lot of moments for me - not just on the runway but also alongside the main events, for example see bonus below, plus the Blow off schedule. But for now, again in the words of Dermot / Tess / Bruce and others - in no particular order: oh before i start my new Rupert shoes were also a "moment" - whats not to love....

1. Erdem's secret garden - well not so secret as tranquil

2. Richard Nicholl flying high along the track at Topshop space

3. Westwood - amazing queues but even better space to show

4. Paul Smith - always a highlight

5. Twenty8twelve - cupcakes. Full stop

6. Burberry - the glass slipper... and wow show, frow, and everything else

7. Anna Della Russo sightings, cherries etc...

8. Peter Pilotto - lady like glamour

9. Claridges - just for a de-brief

10. Show tickets extraordinaire - Giles' glasses and Kane's clock in factory ticket

Bonus - my all time favourite moment, a "cool" person nonchalantly lighting the obligatory ciggie and then catching her hair on fire, just a little bit. Too much hairspray perhaps??.....

source: google

opening images: thesun