Trip to the country

After the rain comes the sun and so it did last week in Wiltshire. We hit the only amazingly sunny day for a summer shoot. As you can't disguise the seasons very easily, Corinna has to shoot a year ahead, mainly to save us all from picking up the wrong seasons leaves from the frame. Although, unsurprisingly you can shoot Christmas in July.

We were shooting a wonderful artist called Sally McLaren, who lives in an idyllic part of Wiltshire. Her house is that of fantasy for country lovers like myself, and her studio is flooded with beautiful natural light. Reminiscing about the print halls at University and the different smells of the paints and materials, it really gave me the itch to start up drawing and painting again.

Added to the setting were three beautiful dogs who I spent alot of the day talking to, don't judge me, they were so very friendly and reminded me a great deal of my parents dogs.

After Craig had worked his magic, along with Frances, who had also left a handy list of make up tips for Sally, we all piled back to the village of Hindon and descended on the Lamb for a fabulous dinner.