T-shirts at the ready

Next spring, I predict a healthy competition for the best t-shirt designs. I can say this as I have already had a sneak into the collaborations that Uniqlo are doing with various designers. The artists involved have explored their classic collections and re vamped them for the release. I am confident there is one for everyone, whether is the Cath Kidston prints selected and re printed in washed out vintage shades, Antoni and Alison's most familiar slogans, or every little girls heroine - Barbie.

For the boys, the selection from Manga should do it. Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and One Piece designs give over 70 choices for even the fussiest man. If that is not enough then perhaps you can be tempted by the film stills from Jim Jarmusch's classice films. These are my personal favourite.

The rest of the main collection is focused on Cargo and Chino - relaxed, pale colours for an effortless cool. Double denim, which in theory is a big no no, works well and the double layered t shirt dresses are key pieces.

Again balancing the boy/girl status the menswear is just as strong. Blazers, chino and super soft shirts. Most of the knit wear this season is washable, which means my basket is going to be laden as the dreaded dry clean symbol is no where to be seen. (Rather than buying anyway and praying that a cold/hand wash won't damage what you paid a huge amount for in the first place.)

I can also say that the +J range is growing in size and strength but I have been sworn to secrecy about specifics. I will let you know when it is launching.