TU Advert launch

As invitations go it was not difficult to decide; would I like to join Tu clothing for lunch at the stunning Paramount restaurant, which over looks all of London (360 degrees), for the launch of the new TV advert? A nice and relaxed way to ease back into the week after the Easter break, umm yes thank you I would.

As the lift sped up to the top of the building, Willy Wonka style, and we wondered quite what was in store for us. Well apart from the sun drenched views and welcoming drink, there was the team from Modus who were part hosting the event, always a pleasure.

After the welcome and good catch up, we were ushered into a private room and seated.

Ruth Harvey, who is head of the womens wear buy team, introduced the new TV advert, which I have to say did not look in any way like a supermarket brand. Fashion forward and with stunning vocals from Etta James. Click here to see and make your judgement, but I have seen the ad in the 'real world', unplanned, and it did make my head turn.

It was shot in Los Angeles, which did surprise many of us as we thought the feel was very New York, it just goes to show, don't jump to conclusions. Some of the clothing featured in the ad is shown below. I have seen them in the ad and on model, and I would like to think, that a fair number of people I know would hunt out a few of the key pieces.


Lunch afterwards was so delicious and I like many others, including those at Marie Claire and Liberty London Girl (Sasha), chatted to the team about development and what to expect from the brand. The answer is a great deal, which is excellent. I can imagine that unleashing your 'creative baby' to a room full of press must be nerve racking enough but hopefully there will be enough positive response from us and the ad out "there" to encourage the stocking up of summer wardrobes at TU, so Ruth should sit back and and be a proud parent.

all images (except the view!) with kind permission of JS and Modus