Umbrella v's Mackintosh

I am aware roughly half the world is under water at the moment so me wishing it would rain here, is not the ideal, but there is method to my madness. I have had recent debate about the fashions of rain wear with friends, how to mix fashion/style with keeping dry in this forever drizzle splattered country. Can it actually be achieved without a) cling-filming your entire self head to toe or b) walking into work/pub/house looking like an extra from Titanic?

The store as you walk in. (image courtesy of exposure PR)

Mackintosh say yes. They have opened a store in the enclaves of Mayfair on Mount Street. It is very discreet and understated, much like the original garments is sells. Designed by Wonderwall architects, the showroom offers two floors, mens upstairs and ladies down, of handmade rain wear. I have been to have a good look round, and my personal favourites are in the menswear collection, because there is more variety on styles and finishes.

The ladies give prints, colour and textures but there is something about the mens pieces that I love. Each coat is made by a tailor who has served three years apprentice to learn the skills needed. (I have a friend who has watched the sealing of the seams with glue, in the factory and was amazed by how simple they make it look. The simpler it looks, the harder it is I have decided.)

The acid lemon yellow coat that hung on the hatstand with the bowler and umbrella may not be the most British of colour choices, but you can't get more English than the weather, namely the rain. However now there is a solution to stylish rain beater question, what else can we moan about?

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