Take a bleak morning, a makeup artist, two models and stylist with a very large suitcase and put them all (well nearly all) on a train to the Essex countryside, add some extremely large, very red helium balloons, Craig and his magic, and the very generous farmers who lent us their land and you end up with little frames of delicious-ness. Up - behind the scenes

The Farmer and his wife are such characters, so kind. They have saved us from the cold by letting us into the house for lunch, and served tea and cake. No one is leaving until it’s all gone. Mr Farmer bought is his wife a life size model of a cow for Valentines to put in the front garden; it is currently wearing a straw hat and a garland of flowers. They have the most amazing listed barns, which although dilapidated, have resident pigeons that think it is a five star hotel. If they could they restore but sadly it is not worth the money it would cost.

Our idea of the balloons happened whilst Craig and I were talking on the phone one day. I looked above me at Liverpool Street station and in the glass roof nested there were gold metallic letter balloons that had been lost by some partygoers. Craig took the idea and it developed to the enormous red ones you see in the pictures.

Up - behind the scenes

The clothes for this were more about the feel, warmth mainly (Ross and Faye were thanking me it was not swim shorts and bikinis.) Layered up, Ross took a shine to the Hackett duffle coat as well as the Paul and Joe jeans. He has never found jeans that fitted quite as well as him. I like it when the models approve of the clothes you are making them wear. It shows in the pictures, they are more relaxed and for our work it is important as natural is a key word.

Despite the biting winds, I still managed get sunburn across my face but all in the name of a great picture. Poor Britta arrived on a plane from Miami and glorious sunshine the previous day to then go to work in freezing cold fields plus jet lag.

As you can see from the pictures, it was all worth it. Another one in the bag.

Up - behind the scenes Up - behind the scenes