Vicedomini and Denise Manning showcase SS11 at the RAC for Red Cross

I was invited to tea by a good friend, who in turn was supporting another good friend, the jewellery designer Denise Manning, as well as the Red Cross.  I waited in the grand surrounding of the RAC club and I watched as the audience for the fashion show began to filter in. (no phones are allowed so the usual tendencies to keep myself occupied with my email was forbidden.) The attendees were obvious to me and the flash of red sole on every other foot was a sure give away of the clientele making their way to the ballroom.


The room had beautifully decorated tables with traditional English tea; sandwiches, scones, cream, jam and pastries all accompanied by tea and Laurent Perrier, naturally. As the collection was shown, opening and closing with socialite Goga Ashkenazi, my neighbour and I were taken with the jewellery. Each inspired by travel, art and vintage finds, the semi precious stones and gold are used to bring colour to the neutral palettes of the Vicedomini swimwear.

Present with support were Hello! magazine, Vogue Italia and various friends of the designers including Tamara Beckwith, Sara Carrello, and Clair Vasfi.

Tea, sunshine and shopping - not a bad combination for  a Wednesday afternoon!


All jewellery shots: Denise Manning

All other shots: Vogue Italia