Victoria proves a point

Evening wear from the V Beckham Collection 2010 source:

Victoria Beckham, hmmm. I was not sure I could ever take her seriously. I mean how many celebrities can design for a label, let alone start from scratch a successful seasonal collection that the big editors, and in this climate more importantly the customers, really want.

Well, judging by this new collection Victoria Beckham has just about won them over. Myself included, I must add. The compliments in reviews like this one from the Guardian not only reflected the clothes but Victoria herself – “Seated in the front row of her tiny salon-style show, Beckham talked the audience through the collection using an easy technical vocabulary that Central Saint Martins lecturer would be proud of…”

I had forgotten that she would be scrutinized, not only for the designs but also for her knowledge with everyone keen to know how hands on she actually was. Personal is the key word. Welcoming each Editor, explaining each design, talking through any questions and fittings. After all she has penned and produced each piece – she knows them inside out. This underlines the hands on part exceptionally well. In bold.

The collection is not carbon copies of the same best sellers but more of a continuation of the last, with new shapes, fabrics and colours – draping, bright red, turquoise, nude. There is the staple black selection and there are certainly a few dress shapes and fabrics I find a little suspicious, but for the most part I am pleasantly surprised and actually secretly pleased that Victoria has won this battle.

Evening Gown from Victorian Beckham Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection