Vidal Sassoon

The sad news that Vidal Sassoon had died swept over my twitter feed in a frenzy. Young guns may not realise that there is actually a hairdresser of this name who created the empire that they walk past on the high street. Not only has he nurtured a legacy, he also changed the way of hairdressing.

Rizzoli have published a book named 'How one Man Changed the World with a Pair of Scissors' and it is a fascinating read. Grace Coddington has written for the front of the book and Michael Gordon a very thoughtful forward to his reasearch that is followed in the pages you will turn.

Who would have guessed that the Prime Minister Churchill inspired this young man with his leadership and ethics. Just a one more thing you will find as you read on into the life of Mr Sassoon.

He created a cut that was fun, releasing the ladies of the time from the set look that needed serious upkeep, and the book reflects this in the pictures and layout. It is not difficult to eat up the pages and information it holds, as it can be with many tales of others. Michael has carefully, over many years found the key things that triggered, inspired and held back the talents of Mr Sassoon.

I am half way into the book and already want to share what I know. I love hearing why the industry I work in is the way it is. How it has developed, how lucky we are that on shoots I have the team of hair, make up and assistants that make my work possible. This was not always the case explains Grace; having a cut that worked and was of the moment and that needed no help made you a sought after model. She thanks him for putting her on the map.

Part of his incredible work is that in this day, one may not even realise that you are effected by it. Perhaps that only way you could tell was the service at St Pauls, which was attended by so many, and with not a hair out of place.