Vivienne Westwood SS12

Dame Vivienne does not do understated shows. This would be no exception. Having gone through metal detectors last season at the Royal Courts, we were sat in the halls of Smithfield Markets, on a purpose built set waiting the collection.   

This season however the clothes were not so over the top, they were examples of tailoring, in a Westwood style. Perfect show casing.

The make up and hair was to be the show stealer in terms of height, colours and general crazy. I loved it. Gold and metallic face paints, and at east a can of hair spray per girl that walked.

You can watch the video of the shown HERE...

The show is always fun, the models always smiling and not afraid to have a laugh or help a bambi footed friend (Eliza lifting Charlotte in the finale as she was having troubles).

images: vivienne westwood