A wonderful day for splashing about on the river!

After all the chat, we shot today. Model options and weather were the main issue for the juggle. Needing the sun for the trickles of light through the foliage and great faces (of course) we did not want to be compromised. They say that things come to those that wait. They did. George and Milou were our chosen couple to play about in the river, corn fields and trees in the Nature Reserve found by Craig.

I say play, well we sold it as play but I am not sure they agreed. It was a little bit chillier than we imagined. However they were game and following Craig into the water they professionally took one for the cause - as they say, twice. James and I stayed well above water level, to observe the shot from a different angle,(cough), and gazed into a summer haze as the story unfolded below the bridge.

Various angles covered, we moved onto the beautiful cornfields surrounded by the whimsical beech trees, which in the wind, move so fluidly changing colour. Disappearing in and out of sight in the fields, Craig chased the shots and from the few we saw on the computer and camera back, we think we nailed it.

Difficulties encountered today included : no electricity for -  digital downloading, hair equipment and iron for me and no proper base except for the fields. Note: This also does not provide tea making area ....On the plus side: a lot of daylight for hair and make up to work with, natural hanging space (trees), sunshine to keep us warm and happy rather than being in a dingy dark studio.

We did have a treat of Mr Kipling cakes for four o'clock, and as he would say, an exceedingly good day.