What would Edith say?..

After a week of turmoil here in London, I wanted to share some wise words. At the risk of sounding flippant or indeed particularity conservative, what would Edith have made of all the goings on..? The Dress Doctor is an adaptation of a book by Hollywood costume designer Edith Head, and is a mixture of prudent words and advice, as well as fabulous stories from the golden age in Hollywood, when stars were stars and not just from reality.

Edith leads us through the alphabet, with tales of her work, quotes from her clients (who it would seem were friends) and all exquisitely illustrated by Bil Donovan.

J for Jewels and Mae West, as an example.

"Without diamonds, honey, I'd feel undresses" - Mae West

"I designed thirty or forty pounds of jewelry for Mae to wear as Diamond Lil in She Done Him Wrong. I first found pictures of period jewelery to show her. "Fine, Honey," she said, "just make the stones bigger." "I like 'em tight, girls" she said and tight they were; there wasn't a costume in which she could lie, bend or sit...."

The A-Z of dressing the stars and the do's and dont's may seem stiff and in some minds over the top, but remember this was a time when social etiquette was paramount and there were done things. (My father, to this day will travel to London in nothing less than blazer, collared shirt, smart trousers, pocket handkerchief, and in the summer a panama) I love reading these fantastic accounts and being drawn into a golden time, for that it certainly was.

Remarks from Edith I have previously posted have had the most comments, and I shall leave you with this:

"Fashion is a language, Some know it, some earn it, some never will."