YSL trainer lust

Whilst I have a "healthy" love of shoes, I also have a fair sized crush on trainers. Not quite as much as a past colleague and friend, who I am convinced had a temperature controlled room for his collection.  I kid you not. Rules were in place, if it looked like rain, no white trainer was ever to be worn, they would be wiped clean every night and rested. I feel sorry for the bumbling commuter who accidentally trod on a pair of his beloved Nike.

This new offering from Yves Saint Laurent are delicious, but maddeningly as they are for boys. Never the less I shall tell you about them. In plain colours such as taupe, blue and cream these high tops are simple in design but tick all the boxes for a fresh take on the look.

However the outstanding pair for me are the Neapolitan of the collection. Three colours; white, taupe and navy patent are in blocks and on the heel of the trainer delicately stitched into the leather is Yves Saint Laurent. You might miss it as it is very discreet. Understated but oh so elegant.