1st day back at school

There were no first day nerves, or none that showed. The new base in the Lincoln Center rather than the Bryant Park venue is going to take a little while to get used to but this is the first day of the new year.... "First impressions? It's nice. Like that sort of nice where no one wants to talk about how nice it is. Where you play it cool and act as though you've seen it all before - as in you're touring a fancy house and demurely nod at the surroundings while excitedly thinking to yourself "damn, that's nice... it must be imported...."

I loved the tradition of Bryant Park and had mixed feelings about the move, but this venue is a big improvement. Of course no one will actually come out and say this until they have ascertained that it is actually fashionable to say that the Lincoln Center venue is better than the Bryant Park location was." said Eric Villency at the Huffington Post.

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New York Fashion Week: Charlotte Ronson

My favourite show from last season in New York was Charlotte Ronson. It wasn’t just the clothes but the atmosphere, music and general expectation. (every time I hear the Big Pink, I think back to Bryant Park) This season and not being there I wondered, but the first exit out and the gypsy layering is keeping me happy. Leather and relaxed tailoring – I can see my wish list expanding and its only day 2.

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