Couture Lingerie

One of the first shoots of the year,  you have seen the behind the scenes and video so now the final images.  Elizabeth Gibson and I wanted to shoot lingerie with a feminine touch but without being too girly. Chloe Butcher provided powerful, incredible make up and James Langan, who you may know as a Great British Hairdresser finalist, built an outstanding silhouette of hair. Click here for the full story.

Couture Underwear - Sports style

It was a cold but sunny Sunday, and I was the mean stylist who was dressing (a loose use of the word admittedly) lovely Holly in little more than her underwear. I guess at least we were inside! Elizabeth Gibson had taken us to the studio in SNAP, the very same one I was in just before Christmas with handsome Jay. The last of last year and the first of this. Both my models Jay and Holly wearing not very much.... note to myself: next time I must remember to storyboard a layering style into the looks.

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